the setting colours

the setting colours (click to enlarge)

the setting colours (click to enlarge)

This shot was taken last August, in the skies over Birmingham in the UK. Id forgotten all about this sunset, which I managed to capture a day or two before we moved house. I came across them by accident this evening, and spent a rather relaxing hour or so sifting through them. I just love the colours, its just how I remember it.

One thing I think im going to do with this shot is work up a tutorial on how I got from the original to this. I was quite shocked when I looked at the original RAW file once I was done, and I’d only done some very basic stuff in Camera RAW and PS, so I’m gonna put together some steps on how to get much more colour and detail out of RAW shots.

I also had a play around this week with some textures from a guy called Skeletal Mess, who does some truly awesome work. Essentially at the moment there are two directories in my textures resource; “Skeletal Mess” and “Everyone else”. You can find his stuff here and all of his texture sets here. As always, if you use any of his stuff make sure you credit him :)

silhouette (click to enlarge)

silhouette (click to enlarge)

path (click to enlarge)

path (click to enlarge)


~ by the2percent on January 12, 2010.

One Response to “the setting colours”

  1. Dude,
    Get the tutorial up, I love how you have brought the colours out and would love to see your workflow… In fact, also do a tutorial on your workflow – would be great to compare…

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