Along with my updated images on Flickr, I said that I would try and post some useful tutorials & resources that I came across on the wibbly web, so here we go: Adobe Kuler.

Wierd name: check.
Bloody useful: check.

Kuler is very useful and well thought out

Kuler is very useful and well thought out

This little app comes in three forms: the website, Photoshop CS4 Extension and Adobe Air Desktop App. The concept is very simple; create theme’s of colours using the intuative interface, and share them with each other. Nice.

It works really well, and its really easy to use the interface to get colours that compliment each other. There are several methods you can use that allow you to get varying types of colours, such monochromatic, shades, triad etc. Its hard to explain just how each of them work, but suffice to say just get on there and have a play. It’s completely free! You can even link it to your Flickr, download images and create colour theme’s based on the colours in the image! Nifty eh?

You can find it here

Also, have a read of this little article which explains the app in much more detail on


~ by the2percent on May 12, 2009.

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  1. […] a kind of patchwork quilt of colours, which got me tinkering in photoshop and Kuler (see one of my previous posts on this awesome site) to try and come up with come combinations that worked. The key to this I found is not to go too […]

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