About this journal

My name is steve wilson and i am a photographer, rock climber, graphic designer, drummer, gamer & geek living in rural south england. I’m 26 years old and havent yet decided how to get my hair cut so that it actually suits me. I’m also baffled at how, considering how much i eat, im not fat. I work for a small computer games company here on the south coast of the UK with my friends and my fiancée Jo, where we test games, organise gaming events and generally attempt to actually be organised.



This is my photo-journal. I hope you like it.

Shed :)


One Response to “About this journal”

  1. Hi Steve,

    I came across your excellent photography on Flickr the other day whilst looking for a New York street scene for a joke piece I was writing for the website Qskipper.com I subsequently used and adapted your brilliant Times Square photo. I’ve attributed you at the foot of the post and also on the adapted image itself. The piece can be seen here: http://blog.qskipper.com/giant-robot-hamsters-threaten-eastern-seaboard/

    I hope this meets your approval.


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