life needs colour

life needs colour (Click to enlarge)

life needs colour (Click to enlarge)

I love the Daily Inspiration posts on Abduzeedo, if you have never been on this site then make it the one important thing you do today. This site is one of the main reasons I got so passionate about graphics design. The work that is showcased on there, not only by the guys who run it but also the people they find all around the world, is truly incredible. One of the recent Daily Inspiration posts got me looking through some of the more retro work they had found, and I couldnt help but LOVE some of the colours on them. I have a real thing for grungy type art, and combine this with a retro feel and you’ve got a style that I completely and utterly adore.

I had an idea for creating a kind of patchwork quilt of colours, which got me tinkering in photoshop and Kuler (see one of my previous posts on this awesome site) to try and come up with some combinations that worked. The key to this I found is not to go too overboard with the amount of colours you use. Its important to keep a kind of colour “theme” when finding a colours for your work, but without going too overboard as to flood your audiences brain with too much at once. In this instance I have 8 distinct colours to start with, but with lighting and texturing there are actually way more in the finished product.

I think im going to put together a tutorial on how I did this one, as im really proud of how it came out. Seriously though, if you’ve never been on Abduzeedo get your ass there right now :)


~ by the2percent on August 12, 2009.

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  1. We are glad Abduzeedo has inspired you! ;D

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