theA34 Mini

Midway through December in the UK, the snow fell, and it fell a lot. Being British, we didn’t deal with it very well, least of all the transport system. As a result, our journey north for Christmas was delayed slightly. I say slightly, we spent almost 17 hours stuck on one road, just south of Oxford; the A34.

So what else was there to do but… take pics!

theA34 Mini (click to enlarge)

theA34 Mini (click to enlarge)

With this image I had a play with some HDR, but ended up using it layered over the top of the original so that I could remove the sky from the HDR layer, as it simply made it LUMINOUS ORANGE, and looked totally out of place. I had to work quite hard to get the final colours in this pic, as the original was very orange due to the minimal lighting that was present.

I brought colours out using Lab Colour mode & Curves, and then changed back to RGB to tweak the Red down slightly, and the Blue & Greens up a touch. The final result I’m really quite pleased with, although it take quite a lot of playing. I also used Noiseware Community Edition for the first time in a long while, which gave it a really nice finish.

If you’ve never checked out Noiseware, have a look here

EDIT: This got featured by the awesome dudes over at Abduzeedo in their Daily Inspiration posts, which means I’ve been in two on the trot! Rawr, thanks very much guys! *\o/*


~ by the2percent on January 11, 2011.

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