Snow, Panorama’s and HDR

It was sunny today, for the first time since…. well, 2010. I’d been out and about in with the camera to various locations over Christmas, but the light had just been crap and I hadn’t managed to get anything that I really wanted to take any further, until today!

I’m still loving panorama’s, so I’ve been working on a few to try and get better at them. One tip that was given to me by Ash our events photographer was try doing the individual shots as portrait, rather than landscape. Even though this seems counter intuitive as your moving on the X axis, it actually makes perfect sense as you are moving along that axis anyway, and what you actually get is a shot with a much greater depth to it.

My first proper attempt at this was to catch the Multiplay Offices in the snow:

Snow @ the Multiplay Office (click to enlarge)

Snow @ the Multiplay Office (click to enlarge)

I was really pleased with how this came out, especially as I managed to capture the light quite well. The detail in the snow also looks awesome, and the aspect of the scenery really works for me.

Next up it was time to try some more panorama’s out in the New Forest;

The New Forest in the sun (click to enlarge)

The New Forest in the sun (click to enlarge)

Again, loving the aspect that these shots give you, it really works even though it should kinda mess up your eyes. Loving the blues and greens in this shot.

With this next one I decided I was going to try and get a good shot down the straight road. There are a few roads that head east into the forest from the villages by the estuary, and they are dead straight. I wanted to get a shot from the middle, so I waited till there was a gap and got Josephine to keep an eye out incase someone pulled out and mowed me over from behind. When I took the shot I didn’t think that I would work it up as a HDR shot, but I gave it a go anyway as it’s been quite a while since I’ve done any proper HDR work. The result was awesome!

I really love how this has come out in HDR, and renewed my love for the technique. Lesson learned; try any old shot in HDR, cus you never know!

road through the forest (click to enlarge)

road through the forest (click to enlarge)

Update: This got featured on Abduzeedo’s Daily Inspiration! YEY! Check out the post here:


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