What’s this? A post? Surely not…

Holy crap.

I’m making a post? Jesus. Don’t make any sudden moves incase you scare it away…

I’ve had some time this weekend, so I’ve started putting away some photo’s that I can process when I get a spare half hour. This is hopefully gonna work as a better way to get through my photo’s as usually that’s the bit that takes the time, rather than the actual processing of them. I’ve also put some hours in to learn more about Lightroom. The more I use it, the more I love it, and it’s really helping to cut down on the amount of time it takes to get photo’s done and out the door :D

First up we have a pic of me at Surrey Climbing Centre after leading a 5a route. It wasn’t so much technically challenging as it was hot, high and slightly overhanging, so it took it outa me a bit. Josephine took this as I came to sit back down.

She kinda took me by surprise, I didn’t realise she had the camera until I looked down, which is probably the reason why I like it so much. I don’t often like pics of me, but this one just seems to be these days; knackered after climbing routes! I need to get fitter…

For the post processing I’m still playing around with monotone HDR, which I really love. The noise that you get out of it really adds to the picture, and especially for portraits I think it adds a real air of atmosphere that you just don’t get in colour.

Knackered (Click to enlarge)

Knackered (Click to enlarge)

There is a bunch more photo’s from that trip which are in the Surrey Uni Climbing set, so check them out.

I also had a look through the photo’s I took from Goodwood earlier in the year, and marked a couple to have a play with. Here is the first; Ferrari:

Ferrari (Click to enlarge)

Ferrari (Click to enlarge)

I know the post processing on this one is a tad weird, but hey you’ve gotta experiment! I like the colour of the car in the end, but not so sure about the border. May change this at some point.

I also put together a panorama today of the view South from Portland, a really cool place for outdoor climbing off the south coast that we went to a month or so back. It was awesome, and we had amazing views. You can check out the set of photo’s here.

Here is the panorama, the view was pretty impressive:

Portland Panorama (Click to enlarge)

Portland Panorama (Click to enlarge)

More to come!


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