StratLAN in Monochrome

Apollo (click to enlarge)

So I finally have my camera back! Thank-god. I was starting to get the shakes. I also now have the motivation to get back into taking regular shots. My new job was crazy to start with, and still is, but im making myself find the time to upload shots more regularly and keep it going. Im starting with some shots I took at the StratLAN gaming event we ran last weekend, and in particular Apollo; the worlds worst TF2 sniping whorebag.

I seem to be coming back to things in a monochromatic way. All of the shots that im working on atm I’m really liking in monochrome, and im putting together a bigger poster of all the shots into a montage, which im hoping will be really cool. I also know that I havent put that tutorial up from the sunset shot, but I will try and get that done this week!

Anyway, im glad to be back. More to come :)


~ by the2percent on May 4, 2010.

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