Christmas! With no Internet!

So its the 18th December. Im all set for some nice time off work, some relaxing, some DVD’s, some photography, some games… No. The internet dies. The one thing I actually need to do any of the stuff I wanna do! Great. But finally, now im actually BACK at work the net seems to have some back to life. Hurah!

Once again I am a bit fed up with how little content I am uploading these days, but I think im going to also post some of the work iv been doing at MP as well as just my photography stuff.

So what have we got this time round? Well, as you may guess: Christmas!

santa clause (click to enlarge)

santa clause (click to enlarge)

Jo has these little santa claus dudes that she puts up around the house every year. They hang on the door handles and constantly irritate by stopping the doors closing. Quite like them though ;) This one is called Bert. Yes I named them all. Yes, I may have had a glass of wine or two.

the tree (click to enlarge)

the tree (click to enlarge)

And this is our tree! It sits right opposite the sofa in the other room, so you can see right through the house to it. It’s really quite nice, and framed nicely by the curtains to the back garden I think. Shame we’re gonna have to take it down this week. Was nice to look at for a while!

I really like how this image came out. It was a long exposure of about 10 seconds, which i’ve HDR’d with no saturation, and overlayed on top of the original image. I also played around with the Reticulation filter in PS (with a soft light blend mode) and adjusted the colour slightly using A and B channels in Lab Colour mode to get to final colours to work out. I also carefully cut out the curtains on the HDR layer, to get the colour to stand out more around the tree. I also added a very small black border to frame it slightly.

So there we go, thats my nights work! As I said im going to be uploading some of my design work from Multiplay to my blog as well now I think (the stuff I can put up anyway) and try and keep some photography work coming.

My mission this year is to get better grips with Illustrator, so hopfeully I’ll have some work posted from my adventure learning that soon too! I’ve also recently booked a trip to the Swiss Alps to go boarding in Feb, so hopfeully I’ll have some really nice work to post then ;D


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