nigel the pony

pony (click to enlarge)

nigel the pony (click to enlarge)

We came across a little gang of wild ponies whilst walking round the fields near the office at lunch, and id just so happened to bring my camera along to get some snaps whilst the last of the 09 sun was out. This pony just stood and stared at me for ages. It didnt move. I walked right up to it and just continued to stare at me relentlessly. I took loads of photos, but this was the first image I took. There is something about this shot that is kinda haunting, maybe its the lighting, but when playing around in Lightroom the Selenium tone preset seemed to work quite well, so I left it. Haven’t really had much of a play with the Lightroom effects, but they are actually quite good for fairly basic stuff! Other than the Lighroom effect I just added a high pass over the top to bring out some more detail and gave it a slight border.

This looks really good when viewed large so make sure you click to view big on Flickr!

I think I’ll call him Nigel. That seems like a good name for a Pony.


~ by the2percent on October 28, 2009.

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