dave, beaches and washed up size 9’s

red (click to enlarge)

red (click to enlarge)

So finally I’ve had the chance to take some more photography! Finally! So what have I been up to? Well Craig and the rest of Multiplay crew are keeping me rather busy, not only in work but also in planning things in the evenings and weekends that have been keeping me away from my camera! On the plus side iv been up to some fun stuff, which is great, and this weekend gave me the chance to get out and about on the south coast with some friends of mine who came visiting for my 27th birthday. How depressing. 30 is seriously looming now :/

The first pic is of my friend Dave climbing around on some beach debris we came across on Lepe Beach. The land you can see in the distance in the Isle of Wight, as we were literally on the bottom of the country. I really like this pic for a number of reasons, not least of which the sun starting to burst through the clouds to left of the image.

washed up size 9 (click to enlarge)

washed up size 9 (click to enlarge)

The second is a pic of an old washed up trainer, that Im guessing had washed up on the beach courtesy of one of the yaughts out to see. I really like how dramatic this seems to be, and it works really well in black and white, esp after some slight HDR’ing. It almost says that someone may have recently drowned, but I thought that naming it something like that was a little TOO dramatic!

brummies on the beach (click to enlarge)

brummies on the beach (click to enlarge)

I know, Iv gone into a full blown black and white mood. But I really love coastal shots in black and white! This one I feel I should have done more with maybe, but sometimes I guess less is more, so I let it be. Again, the sky plays a big part in this shot, along with the wooden pole in the water. Im almost tempted to put some colour back in this, but maybe on another day.

I feels really good to post some photography again! I know this will probably fail, but im going to try and get back onto some regular pictures from now on, esp now I’ve settled into the new job etc. We have an event coming up in a couple of weeks, so expect more LAN photography goodness! :D


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