the day we moved out

the day we moved out (click to enlarge)

the day we moved out (click to enlarge)

So, after a month off it’s back to the grind of this blog eh? Hey ho. I didnt think id have been gone for quite this long, but truth be told it was quite nice to have some time away from the internets at home, and with my internet only being installed in the new house yesterday, it seems like its never been away already! Now that im sorted at home and in the new job, I guess its time to start working on some new stuff again :D

This is the field behind our old house on the day we moved out. It was a scorcher of a day (thankfully) and the field had only been harvested the day before, so it was a sea of wheat stalks. I sat here for a good twenty mins snapping away, but this was my fav. I love the texture in the crops, the sky was an awesome colour that morning too.

Hopefully I’ll get chance to go out and about more in the New Forest now that im down here, so expect plenty of me trying to get better at nature photography! This might mean I have to invest in some bigger lenses tho… oh well.

Also, thanks to everyone that took a look at my “life needs colour” peice that went on Abduzeedo; it had an insane amount of views and loads of nice comments and emails, so thanks a lot! :D


~ by the2percent on September 16, 2009.

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