the school house

the school house (click to enlarge)

the school house (click to enlarge)

This abandoned old school house is only about half a mile away from my house, but I hadn’t actually been out to photograph it until today. Its a really dark and spooky building, with plenty of atmosphere! Opposite this is an old farm building with a fantastic old barn which I wanted to photograph, but it had unfortunately (and typically) fallen down over night! I was going to take a pic of the remaining pile on the floor, but the chap who was working on it decided that he didnt like me, and politely but firmly asked me to leave :(

I did want to try and get insided the school house to see what it was like inside, but there was a guy nearby cutting a hedge who seemed to be keeping a close eye on me, and I didnt want to violate one of my rules in life: dont piss off anyone carrying shears. Its a good rule of thumb to live by.


~ by the2percent on June 11, 2009.

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