the throne

the throne (click to enlarge)

the throne (click to enlarge)

Behold! My mighty throne from which I command my vast empire upon the internets! (complete with fairly lights)

A bit of fun with long exposures and some HDR, my first attempt at this was in colour, but it was a little overpowering. It worked out much more dramatic in b&w. In the end I tried letting the colour of the pillow through to see if it would work, and really liked the result. Looks good when viewed large as the detail in the pillow is better.

My mission for the next few weeks is going to be trying out more HDR and getting my technique worked out some more. I have come across a chap named Stocks on Flickr, who’s style I absolutely adore. The colours and detail he is able to produce is stunning, and one can only admire his work and aspire to be that good!

Check it out:

Taxi by Stock Photography (click to enlarge)

Taxi by Stock Photography (click to enlarge)

Yesterday I also dived into PS to see what I could create in 15 minutes with the brushes and textures I had already. I came across some light brushes that I had download from which where quite whispey and ghostlike, which ended in the creation of this:

ghost (click to enlarge)

ghost (click to enlarge)

Again, as usual, I had no idea where I was going when I started this, but that’s the fun! Maybe I’ll do a larger desktop version; will upload if I do :)


~ by the2percent on June 5, 2009.

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