occasus (click to enlarge)

occasus (click to enlarge)

So Sunday night, I had been dragged out to see Night at the Museum 2. I say dragged, I wasnt completely against seeing it, the first one was fun enough, but a second dose? It seems Hollywood can’t make a film these days without following it up with a rather below par second effort. Quite frankly sequels peaked for me at Terminator 2. Anyway, on the way back I caught sight of the sky as the sun set over Birmingham, which I just had to get a capture of. It did mean racing the last part of the journey home so I could rush in, get my camera and head out to the garden before it vanished, but as luck would have it I probably caught the best part of the sunset! I’ve never seen plane trails so defined before. We ended up sat in the garden with ice-cream until it completely vanished.


~ by the2percent on June 4, 2009.

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