film club movie poster

film club (click to enlarge)

film club (click to enlarge)

Recently, my good friend and movie nut job Mr Matthew Webb suggested the idea of a Film Club. Fearing that this was seriously geeky, we inquired as to how this “Film Club” would work. Luckily, it was pretty laid back (and involved alchohol & popcorn) so we were in. The concept was simple; everyone would choose a film but keep it secret. We would write it down and seal it in an envelope which a random person would pic from hat each time we met up. Then, at least once a month we would meet up and watch that person’s film and each give our opinion on whether we thought it was good or not. The hope I guess is that you would end up watching films that you would otherwise not watch. The catch comes when you choose something that everyone else hates. So far this hasn’t happened….yet.

Anyway, Matt started talking about a name the other day as opposed to “Film Club” (I guess cus he wants to start up a site for it) which got me diving into Photoshop and playing with names and typographic logo’s. Soon, this ended up being a full blown two day project to create a movie poster based on the film club, and I have to say it was a lot of fun. As with most of my stuff, I have no idea where it will go when I start, but I tried to make it look as authentic as possible. I really enjoyed making this, and I think its an avenue I may persue to create more movie themed poster stuff ;)

Id reccomend viewing it full size as there is quite a lot of detail and texture in it.

To all the Film Club members I have just mailed this to, hope you like it! Maybe if we watch a film we all hate I’ll hax the poster for it to suit our collective opinion (minus the person who chose it obviously)


~ by the2percent on May 21, 2009.

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