a bbq on the decking

Wow, once again it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything, so sorry about that. It’s not that I haven’t been around, but more that I’ve been doing some design work on the side which has kept me very occupied. Maybe I’ll post some of it when the time is right, but for now im going to keep it under my hat :)

Well, back on today’s topic, the BBQ. My good friend Mr Phillip Jones has been converting his garden into a haven for all those who love decking, and after a good solid year of work the beast was ready for some BBQ action last weekend. The weather was pretty decent, but even if it was pouring with rain I got the impression that the BBQ was going ahead regardless!

First up we have a very impressed looking Mr Wootton. This was the point he realised that Phil had even put lighting in the decking floor. I know! Be impressed, Matt is.

mr wootton (click to enlarge)

mr wootton (click to enlarge)

And secondly is Ms Baker and Ms Harvey. I love the faces that Kirst pulls when she laughs, iv never seen anyone laugh with such ridiculous facial expressions. In this instance, someone said the word "poo". Kirst finishes her PHD this summer in something boring to do with history in England in 1400AD (ish). Despite her claims, once she has graduated she will not be a real doctor.

Sue & Kirst (click to enlarge)

Sue & Kirst (click to enlarge)

The rest of the album can be found on my flickr page

I also have to post at least one pic of Phil in his AMAZING spotted blouse.

Sorry, I meant apron :)

phil  jamie  gordon  marco (click to enlarge)

phil > jamie > gordon > marco (click to enlarge)


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One Response to “a bbq on the decking”

  1. I like decking too.

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