the office

the office (click to enlarge)

the office (click to enlarge)

So it’s been a good week or so since I posted anything on here, which is mainly due to my abduction by i36 for the past 7 days. During that time however, I managed to take an insane amount of photography which i am hoping to start working through this evening. However, in the mean time I thought I would post a pic that I have been working on of my office building here in Birmingham. I actually work in quite an interesting building, which seems to be quite Bavarian to me in its design. It used to be the main sorting office for the post in the city, but has since been turned into offices. It sits in a very nice square called Victoria Square, which I should actually take some proper photo’s of at some point, as it really is quite pretty. Anyway, back to work; plenty of images of i36 to come in the next few days :)


~ by the2percent on April 16, 2009.

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