Leon Live in Wales

Leon Evans aka Leon Live

Leon Evans aka Leon Live

This is my good friend Mr Leon Evans, a rather talented musician from Wales. He will be bringing out an acoustic album this summer, and asked me if I would come out to one of his gigs in Wales and take some photographs of him that he could use as both promo material, and also some photos that he could potentially use on his album artwork. I was a bit nervous about the whole thing, especially as I hadn’t actually gone out yet with the express intention of creating some work for someone, but the whole thing was really quite awesome!

We drove out to the hills above Aberdare, just north of Cardiff, and found a fantastic road with some of the most amazing views across the welsh hills. I thought I recognised the road, and it turns out that Top Gear have used this road quite a few times when road testing. Nice! I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going for with any of the shots, so we moved around a lot taking shots on the road, in the fields and closeups with the valley in the background.

I must have taken about 600 photo’s, and wasnt sure whether or not I had managed to capture anything good enough to use. As it turns out I managed to get quite a few, which I was quite chuffed with as this was my first time at actually trying to direct someone for taking shots.

This shot is one of my first attempts at hdr, and im really pleased with the result; its quite dark & angry but also quite calm at the same time. I think it relfects Leon’s music quite well. I can get quite lost in this picture as well, which I another reason why I really like it.

Below is another shot that I did on the same road. I love this one as well, especially the clouds.

Leon Live walking home

Leon Live - walking home


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