the hythe ferry

the phonebox, maxstoke, england

the hythe ferry, hythe, england

So last week myself and Josephine managed to get away for a few days to the south coast, visiting a few friends and generally wondering around the new forest & along the coast to see what we could find. We found some great places in the new forest, with wild horses and donkey’s wondering around, and some surreal forest areas that opened up into great expanses of grass with nothing but pigs in. I took plenty of pics, so there will be pics of more of the south coast once I find the time to sort them out!

While there, we visited our friend Steve who lives in a very sleepy little town called Hythe, which is on the estury opposite Southampton. Its a very quiet little place, with a lot of elderly people who seem to have flocked to the coast to retire. The only interesting thing in Hythe (other than Steve) is the pier. Its about 1km long, rickety as hell and quite frankly its just plain bizzare! At the end (which isnt finished btw) sits this boat; the Hythe Ferry, which shuttles people across the estury to Southampton. Its a tired old boat, which spends most of its time sitting and gently bobbing up and down. I loved it though, and took about 20 pics of it, with Jo trying to drag me onto the thing before it left.


~ by the2percent on March 23, 2009.

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